Bashar Al-Assad

Vår media ljuger aldrig !
Eller  gör de ?

Här får du en lite annorlunda synvinkel om Bashar Al-Assad
Vi börjar lite lätt med en bild.

Uttalande från en före detta fransk utrikesminister Roland Dumas.


Henry Lowendorf, en amerikansk senator åkte och hälsade på i Syrien:

“When you go to Syria, which I did last month, the popularity of the government and the Syrian Arab Army is rampant. It’s not out of some dream fantasy. It comes obviously from the government and the army being the only thing between living a secular life on the one hand and the hatred and violence of ISIS and the various other terrorist groups underwritten by the terrorist Saudis and US and their allies on the other. The refugees who don’t leave Syria do not flee to the terrorist side, they flee to the government side, in huge numbers. So would all of us in similar circumstances. Syrians do not want their country turned into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, or any of the other countries the US has liberated.”



What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States:
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